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Stainless Steel Chimneys (Single Wall)

ew-headerbild-flexSingle Wall Systems (SW)

High quality chimneys made of stainless steel for relining of existing brick chimneys or as a connection between boiler and chimney.

  • Conical: ‘KL’ silicone and gasket-free joining push fit systems
  • Flanged: ‘FL’ fusion on world class KL with USA flanged systems, all-in-one
  • Gas Vent: ‘GV’ gasketed UL-1738 Special Gas Vent
  • Grease Duct: ‘GD’

Main advantages of Jeremias single wall exhaust systems:

  • UL listed
  • Easy installation due to perfect fitting plug-in system
  • No welding on site needed
  • Corrosion free stainless steel
  • Condensate- and gas-proof materials


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