GarCo Manufacturing Co., Inc.

A Material Solutions Company

Industrial Chimneys

Free Standing Chimney Systems

Custom fabricated free standing chimney systems.

Ventilation Towers

Our ventilation towers combine high functionality and elegant design in an impressive way.

Flue Gas Ducts

Flue gas ducts are made for a robust and safe connection solution between the boiler-/engine outlet and the chimney entrance. Depending on the requirement of the service life and the different compression ratio, they can be produced as a plug –in system, completely welded or as a flange system. The planning in this sector for compensators, flue gas dampers, structural steel supports is done by our experienced project leader. In this way it is possible to offer you professionalism, know-how and absolute guaranty.


  • Temperature until 2000°F
  • Pressure up to 30” W.C.
  • Diameter up to 8 feet
  • Thickness up to 3/16”

Exhaust Gas Silencers

As from nominal diameters of 400 mm, absorption silencers, combined flue gas silencers consisting of resonance and absorption chambers as well as noise insulating cores are manufactured and distributed to customers all over the world.


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