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Needled Glass Mat

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Needled Glass Mats

Needled glass mat provides thermal protection to temperatures up to 1100°F.

Common applications:

  • Exhaust Insulation – Aircraft, Automotive, Marine, Gas Turbine
  • Thermal Insulation – Piping for Power, Petrochem, Metal Processing
  • Industrial Insulation – Removable pads, Expansion Joints
  • Acoustical Insulation


Part No. Nominal Thickness Width Roll Length Sq. Feet
GMC-T029100 1-in 60-in 45-ft 225
GMC-T029050 1/2-in 60-in 75-ft 375
GMC-T029100 1/4-in 60-in 150-ft 750


Part No. Nominal Thickness Width Roll Length Sq. Feet
GMC-T529100 1-in 60-in 45-ft 225
GMC-T529050 1/2-in 60-in 75-ft 375
GMC-T529100 1/4-in 60-in 150-ft 750

Both are typically stocked in our Spartanburg, SC warehouse for pallet orders (4-rolls). Also available in truckload quantities (100-rolls) with extended lead time. Please contact us for pricing or to discuss your requirements: e-mail or call 321-868-3778.


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