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Specialty Graphite Products

Graflon™ PTFE/Graphite Packing

Graflon™ is a specially engineered material that combines the properties of PTFE and graphite to create a product that is dependable and resilient.   Graflon™ is self-lubricating, heat and chemical resistant, and thermally conductive.  Versatile packing for high temperature, high speed, or abrasive conditions.

Part Number Description Size (in) Max. Pressure
Graflon 1200™ Graphitized Teflon/PTFE Graphite Packing 1/8 – 1 4000 psi

Flexible Graphite Tape

Industrial grade crinkled graphite tape is slit and corrugated from 99% MinSeal Flexible Graphite Foil.  It is often used to make die-formed graphite rings.   Crinkled graphite tape with a PSA backing is recommended for emergency use as a ready-to0use packing for valves and pumps.

Part Number Description Thickness (in) Widths (in) Length (ft)
2020-Z Industrial Grade Crinkled Graphite Tape, No Adhesive 0.15 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, 1 50
2020-ZH Industrial Grade Crinkled Graphite Tape with PSA 0.15 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, 1 50

Graphite Die-formed Ring

Custom made from MinSeal flexible graphite ribbon.  Individually molded with a precision die.  Easily installed.  It can also be used as washer/gasket in applications where a heat or chemical resistant material is required.

Part Number Description Size (in) Density (cu.ft)
2090-F Graphite Die-formed Ring Custom made 95-100 lbs