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Weld Screen & Frame

Vinyl Weld Screen & Equipment

Armour GuardTM welding screens protect workers and equipment from the hazards of UV flash, spatter, and sparks. Made of 14-mil PVC film and treated with special additives for UV stability and fire-resistance, they are grommeted along all edges and easily connect for tool-less assembly. EPA-Compliant.

Part Number Description Size Color
TWWC6X6GRN Vinyl Weld Screen 6X6 Green
TWWC6X6ORG Vinyl Weld Screen 6X6 Spectra Orange
TWWC6X8GRN Vinyl Weld Screen 6X8 Green
TWWC6X8ORG Vinyl Weld Screen 6X8 Spectra Orange
TWWCF6X6 Vinyl Weld Screen Frame 6X6
TWWCF6X8 Vinyl Weld Screen Frame 6X8
TWWCF6XEX Vinyl Weld Screen Expandable Frame 6 or 8-ft

From ear plugs and gloves to safety nets and screens, Techniweld offers a full line of Armour GuardTM safety products:

  • Safety Glasses
  • Ear Plugs
  • Face Shields
  • Gloves
  • Welding Helmets
  • Hothead Helmet Ventilation & Cooling System
  • FR Clothing
  • Leather Clothing
  • Debris Netting
  • Welding Screens
  • FR Mats
  • Cable Ties
  • Safety & Filter Plates
  • Tarps

For a complete listing of Armour Guard products available, please visit their website.