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Tadpole Tapes & Gaskets

Tadpole Gasket

Tadpole Gaskets are designed to provide high temperature thermal seals in industrial, laboratory, commercial and industrial ovens and dryers.

Our tadpole gaskets are available in core diameters from 1/4″(6.4 mm) through 1”(25.4 mm+).


  • Oven/Stove Door Thermal Seal
  • OEM Equipment Thermal Door/Enclosure Seal

Cover Materials 

  • Type E fiberglass (Tetraglas®)
  • Type E fiberglass (Tetraglas®) with silver silicone
  • Amorphous silica (Tetraglas 3000®)
  • Red silicone coated amorphous silica (Silfab 54)
  • Ceramic Fiber (with glass or inconel insert)
  • Type E fiberglass with high grade silicone (Silco Shield®)
  • Tacky cloth (Tetraglas-T®)


  • Vermiculite
  • Silicone
  • PTFE

Core Materials

  • 304 Stainless Steel
  • 600 Inconel Mesh
  • Type E fiberglass rope (Tetraglas®)
  • Amorphous silica rope (Tetraglas 3000®)
  • Ceramic fiber rope


  • Standard
  • Double Bulb
  • Double Tail