GarCo Manufacturing Co., Inc.

A Material Solutions Company

Custom Solutions

Custom Fabricated Solutions

Darco Southern is a leader in providing custom solutions to meet your thermal protection and industrial gasket requirements, utilizing a wide variety of special materials and coatings (such as fiberglass, silica, ceramic, basalt, PTFE, silicone, vermiculite) and more to provide you with products that are sure to meet your requirements and specifications.


  • Equipment Covers
  • Pipe Flange Seals
  • Hose and Cable Covers
  • Power Generation Turbine Gaskets
  • Life Safety and Personnel Protection
  • Protective Blankets, Shields and Curtains
  • Boiler/Furnace/Incinerator Thermal Door Seal


  • Basalt
  • Type E Fiberglass
  • Amorphous Silica
  • Ceramic Fiber (Woven)
  • Custom Materials and Combinations


  • PTFE
  • Vermiculite
  • Reflective Foils
  • Silicone
  • Rubber


  • Needled Blankets
  • Folded & Stitched
  • Solid Cut & Stitched
  • Custom Fabrication Combinations
  • Flange Gasket Types: Ring, Full Face, Elliptical, Obround