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Cellophane Tape

Pegafan Plus

Pegafan Plus is a pressure sensitive cellophane tape with natural rubber adhesive allowing it to adhere well to a variety of surfaces.  Cellophane is a natural polymer derived from cellulose and is biodegradable, flexible and strong, but is easily cut by hand.

It is ideal for package closure, providing instant and long-lasting adhesion on multiple surfaces including paper, glass, metal and plastics.  Its high degree of adhesion over a broad range of temperatures allows it to withstand higher temperatures for short periods during industrial splicing at speeds of up to 150 meters per minute.  

Data Sheet

MeasureRolls per CaseCarton Dimensions (cm)Weight (kg)
1/2-in x 36-yd
(12-mm x 33-m)
18034 x 21 x 185.66
1/2-in x 72-yd
(12-mm x 66-m)
7237 x 25 x 174.90
3/4-in x 36-yd
(19-mm x 33-m)
12034 x 21 x 186.23
3/4-in x 72-yd
(19-mm x 66-m)
4837 x 25 x 174.90


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