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Acetate Mending Tape

Pegafan Invisible

Pegafan’s Acetate-based Mending Tape is a pressure sensitive tape comprised of biodegradable acetate cellulose and solvent-based acrylic adhesive, with a typical matte finish.  It is virtually invisible when a photocopy is taken of a paper to which the tape has been applied.  It is resistant to UV light and aging. 

Data Sheet

MeasureRolls per CaseCarton Dimensions (cm)Weight (kg)
3/4-in x 36-yd
(19-mm x 33-m)
6035 x 24 x 313.10
3/4-in x 22-yd
(19-mm x 20-m)
7537 x 25 x 172.20
3/4-in x 11-yd
(19-mm x 10-m)
7533 x 25 x 131.38


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