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Colored Masking Tape

Colored Masking Tape


Colored Masking Tape is perfect for organizing and packaging and useful in many projects around the home, office, school or kitchen.  It can also be use for crafts, arts and DIY projects due to its adherence to all types of surfaces.  It is easy to remove with no residue left and can be repositioned. 

  • Colors: Yellow, Green, Red, Blue, Black, Violet, Beige and Orange
  • .Data Sheet
MeasureRolls per CaseCarton Dimensions (cm)Weight (kg)
1/2-in x 20-yd
(12-mm x 18-m)
9033.5 x 23 x 212.97
3/4-in x 20-yd
(18-mm x 18-m)
6033.5 x 23 x 212.88
1-in x 20-yd
(24-mm x 18-m)
4833.5 x 23 x 213.22
2-in x 20-yd
(48-mm x 18-m)
2433.5 x 23 x 212.26

Also available in 4-packs:

MeasureUnits per CaseCarton Dimensions (cm)Weight (kg)
3/4-in x 10.94-yd
(18-mm x 10-m)
6038 x 25.8 x 215.28


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