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monta film 257F Update

Decades ago monta Klebebandwerk GmbH, a Bavaria Germany based manufacturer of technical adhesive

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tapes, created a unique thermoformable splicing tape denoted as their item monta film 257F. This unique splice tape has found many applications across the world but pharmaceutical blister packaging and some food and health products are where the tape has proven to be of the greatest value.

Key components of this product include:

  • the red thermoformable E/UPVC backing film, and
  • the uniquely compounded adhesive system.

In late March 2020, the production line which produced the backing film was damaged in a fire and we now find the available inventory of the standard monta film 257F depleting. Quickly reacting to resolve the supply and production issues, monta developed, tested and qualified a comparable alternative product, monta film 267F. Physically, the primary difference is in overall thickness… the current 257F is a nominal 0.070mm (2.75-mils) and the new 267F is a nominal 0.080mm (3.15-mils).

Important note … the manufacturer, monta Klebebandwerk GmbH, believes they may resume production of the previous standard 257F early 2021 but this is not yet certain. In the meantime, we have inventories to utilize and a comparable replacement approved.

Your supplier, GarCo Manufacturing Co. Inc., has substantial inventory of the standard 257F product and we wish to treat all users fairly based on historic purchases. There is no need to request extra inventories (this is not toilet paper folks :-). GarCo Manufacturing also has substantial inventory of the new monta film 267F in transit to our Florida warehouse so there is no concern of future availability.

Keep placing orders as you have in the past and we will keep you going. Thank you for your understanding, your support, and your business.

Product Launch

Product Launch


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