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Seismic Shield™

Seismic Shield™

Seismic ShieldSeismic Shield™ (Patent Pending) is an innovative insulation protection shield offered by Value Engineered Products (VEP). This product is designed to stop shield movement and rotation while allowing for expansion and contraction of piping systems. Seismic Shield is designed to support the weight of the pipe and insulation. Each shield has Seismic Grip Tabs, which indicate a clear area to center the shield and may be bent down 90° to form a friction fit to strut or bent further to firmly grip a clevis hanger. Each shield has rounded corners for installer safety and vapor barrier protection. Stainless steel and custom shields are available.

Seismic Shield is offered in two grades: Standard and MSS Compliant*

Grade Length Gauge ID
Standard 12 inches 22 2.0 – 5.5
18 6.5 – 14.0
MSS Compliant 12 inches 18 2.0 – 5.5

*Complies with MSS Type 40 – minimum requirements for small bore pipe