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Aeroseal LVOC™


Aerocel® Aeroseal LVOC™ adhesive is a synthetic rubber base contact adhesive formulated for bonding Aerocel® insulating materials firmly together as well as bonding Aerocel® insulation to other substrates. Aeroseal LVOC™ adhesive is specially formulated to meet the VOC content requirement of LEED® for special purpose contact adhesives and SCAQMD Rule 1168. Bonding of non-rigid substrates that undergo dimensional changes in use is excellent with Aerocel® Aeroseal LVOC™ adhesive. Aeroseal LVOC™ creates strong seams and butt joints that will operate at temperatures up to 300°F. Aeroseal LVOC™ may also be used for adhering sheet insulation to flat and curved surfaces that will operate at temperatures to 300°F. Aeroseal LVOC™ adhesive has a high moisture and water vapor resistance and weathering resistance to prevent moisture from penetrating joints, forming a permanent bond to the applied surface for long lasting service.


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