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Aerocel® AeroTuff Laminated Sheet

Aerocel-Faced-SheetLaminated EPDM Elastomeric Sheet Insulation is a flexible closed cell and lightweight elastomeric material designed for insulating large pipes, tanks, vessels, air ducts, inside air handling panels and more. It is available in 3’ x 4’ flat sheets and rolls in thicknesses of 1/8”, 1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2”, 3/4”, 1”, 1-1/4”, 1-1⁄2” and 2”. Aerocel® Laminated EPDM Elastomeric Sheet Insulation can be supplied with several varieties of facing materials applied, self-adhesive and facing, and with a pressure sensitive-adhesive-only to speed installation of the insulation system.


Aerocel® Laminated EPDM Elastomeric Sheet Insulation is used when the standard smooth, surface of Aerocel sheet insulation is not aesthetically compatible, when enhanced vapor barrier properties are desired, or in installations requiring added abuse protection. Aerocel Laminated EPDM Elastomeric Sheet Insulation is supplied with a zero-perm, 6 mil, high-strength, aluminumcolored or white laminated facing material that is embossed to enhance installed appearance as standard. Non-standard facings are available as follows: Smooth Aluminum, Smooth White, Smooth Black, and Embossed Black and heavy thickness.

Self-Adhering (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive) Sheet/Roll

Aerocel® Self-Adhering EPDM Elastomeric Sheet Insulation is provided with a 3-mil thick, high performance scrim reinforced, acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive, allowing installation without the need for extensive application of contact adhesive. The high performance pressure sensitive adhesive bonds to a wide variety of metals, plastics and composite materials. The specially formulated and reinforced adhesive offers excellent UV and heat resistance, durability under stress, high peel and tack properties, and excellent performance at high and low temperatures. The combination of the superior performance of Aerocel® EPDM Elastomeric Sheet Insulation and the high-performance pressure sensitive adhesive makes the most versatile and long-lived self-adhering elastomeric insulation available.

Air Duct Systems

Aerocel® Laminated EPDM Elastomeric Sheet is an excellent choice for insulating duct work. Aerocel® has been favored over fibrous insulating materials because of the superior performance of Aerocel®, and possible concerns with the use of fibrous duct insulation materials. Aerocel®, made from special modified elastomeric material, ensures a long service life and can be safely handled without any concern of skin irritation. It is also not hazardous to health, so no special precautions are needed for application or service. Aerocel® offers superior resistance to moisture, fungus growth, vermin and rodent attack. Aerocel® sheet also meets the standards stated in UL 181 for mold growth/ humidity, air erosion and passes ASTM G 21 Fungal Resistance. See the complete list of specifications listed in the data table on the back of this page.


Aerocel® Laminated EPDM elastomeric sheet is flexible and easy to use for a wide variety of jobs including large OD pipes, tanks, vessels, air ducts and inside air handling panels. The sheets of insulation are applied to the surface to be insulated, the insulation seams are to be glued, then taped with matching facing tape. SELF ADHESIVE PRODUCTS REQUIRE A CLEAN, DRY SURFACE TO PROPERLY ADHERE. SUFFICIENT PRESSURE MUST BE APPLIED TO THE ENTIRE SURFACE TO ENSURE A PROPER BOND TO THE SURFACE BEING INSULATED.


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