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Aerocel Aerocoat™


Pure Acrylic Emulsion Paint For Aerocel Insulation Products

Aerocel Aerocoat™ is a pure acrylic emulsion water based latex paint especially designed for use with Aerocel insulation products. Aerocel Aerocoat™ has superb properties that help protect against ultraviolet rays and other adverse weather conditions. Aerocel Aerocoat™ having elongation properties of over 400% promotes superior adhesion. Aerocel coating is effective as a protective coating or decorative coating for Aerocel insulation products and provides a smoothing aesthetic appearance that lasts for many years. Aerocel Aerocoat™ is supplied in quarts and gallons and is available in black or white.

Physical Properties

Composition: Selected 100% acrylic emulsion paint
Net Weight: Approximately 10#/gal. 2.5#/qt.
Solids: Approximately 50% by weight
Viscosity: Thick smooth consistency for easy application
Application: Brush or roller
Coverage: Up to 400 sq. ft./gal
Shelf life: One year. Store at room temperature. Avoid freezing.
Drying time: Three to four hours for second coat.
Container size: Quarts and Gallons
Flammability: Water base, not flammable


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