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Industrial Yarns



NOR*FAB industrial yarns are manufactured from a broad range of fiber types and are often supplied as plied yarns ranging from 2 to 8 plies. The yarns listed on this sheet are common production blends. Common applications for NOR*FAB Specialty Industrial Yarns include: Braiding yarns, Knitting yarns, Weaving yarns, Wire & Cable yarns, Cut Resistant yarns, Friction yarns for Clutch Facing & Brake Linings, Thermocouple Insulation, and Aerospace

Style Size Application Fiber Blend
3P611-800 800 Tex • 2.3/3 cc Packing Acrylic/Fiberglass
2P617-515 515 Tex • 2.3/2 cc Packing Acrylic/Fiberglass
3P493-845 845 Tex • 2.2/3 cc Packing/Brake Lining Kynol®/Para-Aramid/Fiberglass
2P73-360 360 Tex • 3.3/2 cc Thermocouple Insulation Aramid Blend/Fiberglass
2P290-270 270 Tex • 4.4/2 cc Thermocouple Insulation Aramid Blend/Fiberglass
2P641-550 550 Tex • 2.2/2 cc Aerospace Para-Aramid Blend/Fiberglass
G5-805-267 267 Tex • 2.2/1 cc Aerospace Para-Aramid Blend/Fiberglass
3P616-2180 2180 Tex • 0.9/3 cc Clutch Facing/Brake Lining Acrylic/Para-Aramid/Brass Wire
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