GarCo Manufacturing Co., Inc.

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Aluminized Aramid Fabrics



Specialty engineered aluminized fabrics for personal protection from: radiant heat, molten metal, flame, high temperature steam, sunlight shielding.

Style Fiber Type Weight oz/yd2
 05TT229-AL1  PBI ®/Kevlar®/Anti-Stat Fiber  7.7
 05WKRS1-AL1 Twaron®/OPF  7.8
 07TT217-AL1 Twaron®/OPF  9.0
 08PT262-AL1  Kevlar®/Basofil® 12.5
 11HT156-AL1  Para-Aramid/OPF 13.9
 14HT209-AL1  Modacrylic/Fiberglass  15.5
 16HT65-AL1  Para-Aramid/OPF  18.3
 17PT31-AL1  Aramid Blend/Fiberglass 19.9
 18PT337-AL1  Aramid Blend/Fiberglass 19.7
 22PT30-AL1  Aramid Blend/Fiberglass  23.4
Kevlar(r) or Twaron(r) will be used where “Para-Aramid” is noted. “Aramid Blend” refers to proprietary blends of para-aramid and meta-aramid fibers. Kevlar® is a registered trademark of E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company. Twaron® is a Registered Trademark of Teijin Twaron B.V. Ltd. Basofil ® is a registered trademark of Basofil Fibers, LLC. PBI ® is a registered trademark of PBI Performance Products Inc


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