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Vertex Treated Thermoglass Tape

7btapeAMATEX quality tapes are carefully woven and sized using fiberglass yarns. The tapes are then specially treated with “Vertex” which is the AMATEX trade name for high temperature vermiculite coating. Applications include lagging cloth of all types, pipe insulation wrap, electrical insulation, thermal insulation and gasketing.

Product Thickness
G19P752 7B/7N 1/32-in (0.8mm)
G29RP752 7B/7N 1/16-in (1.6mm)
G31RP372 7B/7N  1/16-in (1.6mm)
G36P752 7B/7N 1/16-in (1.6mm)
G52RP372 7B/7N  1/8-in (3.2mm)
G65P725 7B/7N  1/8-in (3.2mm)
G100RP372 7B/7N  1/4-in (6.4mm)
G120P752 7B/7N  1/4-in (6.4mm)


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