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Premium Quality Thermoglass Tape

PremTapeAmatex premium quality tapes are carefully woven and sized using fiberglass yarns. Applications include lagging of all types, pipe insulation wrap, electrical insulation, and thermal insulation. Resistant to most chemicals, for temperatures to 1000-deg. F (540-deg C.), has strength and flexibility.

Product Thickness
G19P752* 1/32-in (0.8-mm)
G36P752* 1/16-in (0.8-mm)
G36P752 DW 1/16-in (0.8-mm)
G65P752* 1/8-in (3.2-mm)
G120P752 1/4-in (6.4-mm)
G180P752 9/32-in (7.14-mm)

DW refers to Drop Warp